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Hearing a good lie is fun -- as long as you know it's a lie!! That’s why Anne Rutherford & Norm Brecke, a professional storytelling duo based  in Portland, Oregon  produce a series called “The Good Liar’s Club,” a non-competitive show where tellers stretch the truth ’til it -- and the audience! -- chortles.


“We started it live on on Zoom in November 2020, as an alternative to the Presidential debates.” Rutherford comments. “The shows was so well-received we started producing them quarterly, and now we're going for broke with an all-day Good Liars Club Festival, live on Zoom Saturday August 6th.” 

“Our first tellers were some of the best liars in the  Pacific Northwest,  then we expanded to include tellers from across the country — even from Singapore!,” said Anne.

“We've discovered a wealth of people, from nationally knows tellers to local gems, who have a real knack for stretching the truth," Brecke adds.


“We hit gold when we added tall traditional folktales add to the mix,” he continues. “Lies are not a new concept in storytelling. We’ve had African tales and quite a few stories from Asia that stretch the truth over our six-show run.


What can the audience expect at a Good Liars Club Show? "Original and classic tall tales, as well as folktale whoppers and even lies set to music,” Rutherford says


 “Our audience has said over and over again what fun it is to just tune in and laugh,” Brecke said. “We are lucking to have a community of folks willing to do this with us!”

The Good Liars Club
Origin Story 

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Oh, the Lies We've Told...

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