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Notible Performances

Kansas Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Downs, KS, 2024

Teller in Residence (with Anne Rutherford), Int'l Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN 2023

Story Crossroads Festival & Summit, Featured Teller, Murray, UT, 2023

Mariposa Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Mariposa, CA, 2023

Northwest Folklife, Featured Teller, Seattle, WA 2009-2022

Florida Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Mt. Dora, FL (Virtual), 2021

The Ark Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Ann Arbor, MI, 2020

Mariposa Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Mariposa, CA, 2019

Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Featured Teller, Woodruff, SC, 2018

Art of the Story Festival, Featured Teller, Washington County Libraries, OR, 2017

Renton Historical Museum, Renton, WA, 2011 & 2016

3rd Place Books, Ravenna; Seattle, WA Monthly 2009-2016

Powellswood Storytelling Festival, Musical performer Federal Way, WA, 2014 & 2015

Festival of Stories, Portland, OR 2013 & 2014

Forest Storytelling Festival, Opening Teller, Port Angeles, WA, 2014

Seattle Art Museum Storyteller, Seattle WA, 2014

Powellswood Storytelling Festival Featured Teller, Federal Way, WA, 2012

Seattle Symphony Narrator, Seattle, WA, 2012

American Library Assoc. Conference Storyteller, Anaheim, CA, 2011



Your storytelling was terrific.

                     Jay O'Callahan, Storyteller

Norm Brecke held a few dozen little ears in the palm of his hand. His well-told yarn about a dragon resonated with both kids and adults…Of course, to truly soak up the message, it is best to hear the story illustrated with Brecke's colorful inflections and wide-eyed expressions.

                     Andy Hobbs, Editor, Federal Way Mirror

You are one special teller!

                     Karyn Page-Davies, Director Stone Soup Storytelling Institute


The Lighter Side of Lincoln presentation you did for the Beaverton Historical Society was incredibly captivating and enjoyed by everyone. It is a presentation you won't want to miss!

                        Judy Donovan, Beaverton Historical Society

Your programs are uplifting and fun. We look forward to you coming.

                      Diane Newlin, Program Assistant, SpringRidge Court

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