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Good Liars Club Festival 2022
Online Sat Aug 5! 6 Showcases! 24 Liars! 

1 GLC Faces_edited.jpg
2 GLC Faces.jpeg

Jane Dorfman (MD)  Vicki Bryan (NJ) Bernadette Nason (TX) &

Allen DeBey (KS)

MCs Anne & Norm 

Eva Abram, Bob Nuffer, Al Hirsch, Tobey Anderson (WA) Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo (CA-WA) Steven Henegar, Eric Foxman, & Ken Iverson (OR)  

MC Pat Peterson

5 GLC faces 1.jpeg
5 GLC Faces 2.jpeg

Ingrid Nixon (AK)  Anne Rutherford (OR)  Jessica Robinson (VA) Priti Modyiyer (Singapore) Kirk Waller & Linda Yemoto (CA)

MC Norm Brecke

6 GLC Faces.jpeg

Chetter Galloway (GA)  Paul Strickland (KY)  Ty Fance (CA) & Donna Ingham (TX)

MC Jessica Robinson

Register for the Festival & attend any and all of the showcases. Bop in and out as you please. (But fair warning: once you're in, we're so entertaining you won't want to leave!)

7 GLC Faces.jpeg

Diana Veiga (Washington DC)

Ingrid Nixon (AK).  Jeff Doyle (MI) 

Anne Rutherford

& Norm Brecke (OR)

MC Chetter Galloway

May contain strong language or situations.

How can you resist these faces? Donate to the tellers for the entire Festival or a selected showcase. Donors will get a link to a recording of the show to watch on demand.

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