Telling Types: Illuminating the Enneagram through Story

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Since 2016, Anne and Norm have worked with Dale Rhodes of Enneagram Portland to create and produce performances and workshops using storytelling to illuminate the personality types.







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Telling Types: Performances

Anne & Norm perform folktales that zero in on the highs and lows of the nine enneagram personality types. 

Tell Your Type: Workshop

In this interactive workshop, participants will use a peer-coaching method to identify and develop stories from their own lives that illustrate their Enneagram personality types. Workshop culminates in informal or public performance.

Anne (9) & Norm (7) would be delighted to bring the performance and workshop models they have developed to your Enneagram Community, virtually or in person. Please contact them at to explore possibilities.


 In 2021 they will release a book that is a collection of classic folktales they have chosen and adapted to illustrate the distinctive aspects of each type.