monthly story performance/open mic

scared in portland

tell us a story that scares you


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Third Thursdays  7 - 9 pm

Lucky Lab Tap Room   1700 N Killingsworth 

$5 donation requested at door

November 19  

Family Ghosts

   December 17

Holiday Haunts

January 21  

Frozen Menace

February 18  

Love Gone Bad

March 17

Eerily Irish 


Lucky Lab Tap Room   1700 N Killingsworth 


Every month, your hosts Anne and Norm will chill your bones by telling a few classic ghostly tales and local eerie legends.. 


Then it’s your turn. We’ll open the mic for the good citizens of Portland to step up and tell us a story that scares them —and will likely scare you. (8 minute time limit  to make our blood run cold. No notes - eyeball to eyeball!)


Bring your story! Could be a tale you heard in childhood that still gives you the willies, or a ghost story that happened to you or your family. Maybe a campfire yarn that just won’t let you go…


Let Anne and Norm be your guides through a new trail in your imagination every month. Come tell,us a story that scares you....

Photograhy: Sonja Bales